Sunday 26 January 2014

Kilcoole-ringed bird in Waterford

Just a very quick blog today. We have a week of catching attempts (and hopefully some ringing and radio tagging!) ahead of us, so there’s lots to do!

I’ve just heard that one of the Kilcoole-ringed Oystercatchers, which was first noticed on Garrarus Beach, Co. Waterford in December was seen again on the 9th of January on the same beach. We can’t say for sure which bird this is, as no one has managed to read the inscription, but the red ring on the left leg means that it can only be one of three birds. Who knows where the other two in the brood have gone to?

One of the Kilcoole-ringed Oystercatchers on
Garrarus beach, Co. Waterford.
Liam Walsh 
We’ll let you know how this week’s catching goes in due course.


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