Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Well Spotted!

Last night, Monday 19th May, we had one of our most interesting colour-ring re-sightings to date. Its the first Dublin Bay Birds Project colour-ringed Redshank that has been re-sighted outside of Ireland. In an extraordinary coincidence, the bird (colour-ring BH) was spotted by BirdWatch Ireland's very own Olivia Crowe whilst over in Iceland on a Knot ringing expedition, which is  co-ordinated by Jim Wilson as part of The International Wader Study Group.

The team was out late Monday evening attempting a cannon-net catch on a flock of 9,000 Knot in Iceland's westerns fjords, when BH was spotted with nine other unringed Redshanks. 

Redshank BH - ringing site (Dublin Bay) to re-sighting location 
(Iceland's western fjords). Roughly 1,700 km!

We ringed BH on the 1st February this year at Sandymount Strand in Dublin, and hadn't had any re-sightings until this report from Dyrafjorour in Iceland late last night.

Redshank BH - re-sighting location, Dyrafjorour, Iceland. Olivia Crowe. 

Remember that all re-sightings are hugely valuable us, so please keep them coming in. You can submit your records HERE.


  1. Hi, I'm from Hungary and I'm looking for some information about a metal coloured ring with the sign HB 68 (on the left leg of an erne). I cannot find in which country was it ringed. Can you help me?
    Thank you very much!

  2. Hi Tunde, thank you for your query. In order to figure out which colour ringing scheme this bird belongs to we need some more details. Could you provide the full species name in English or Latin and can you remember what colour the writing (HB68) was (possibly black or white) and whether a smaller metal ring was also visible? Thanks!