Wednesday, 26 March 2014

See you in Iceland!

I got an email this morning from Jim Wilson, who coordinates the fantastic International Schools Godwit Project. Jim had been contacted about colour-ringed Oystercatcher “CU”, which had just been seen in Stokkseyri in southern Iceland! This is great news as it is the first re-sighting of our Dublin-ringed birds in Iceland!

Wintering and breeding sites for Oystercatcher CU.
Blue marker: ringing and wintering site.
Red marker: breeding location.

CU is reported to be on its breeding territory with its mate.  It had been re-sighted 5 times on Sandymount Strand since it was ringed there on the 26th February, 2013, with the most recent re-sighting being on the 4th March this year.

Oystercatcher CU on breeding territory in 
Stokkseyri, Iceland.  Tómas Grétar Gunnarsson 

While we don’t know what age CU is, we know that it hatched at least four years ago. CU had a bill length of 78 mm when we ringed it, which suggests that it tends to prise open cockle and mussel shells, rather than smashing them open like some of its shorter billed buddies.

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