Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Celtic links

Ninety one of the 119 Oystercatchers that we ringed on Sandymount Strand last February have now been re-sighted at least once. The majority of these re-sightings have been from locations on Sandymount Strand itself, but there have also been several reports from some playing pitches in south Dublin and individual sightings at Bull Island, Dalkey Island and Baltray, Co. Louth.

And we’ve just heard about two birds that have been re-sighted in Scotland, providing an international context to the study. JL was re-sighted in Argyll on the 10th April, and DJ was photographed in Orkney on the 1st May.

Re-sighting locations for JL (green) and DJ (red).

We’re not surprised that these birds have been seen in Scotland, but these records are notable as they are our first international re-sightings. Who knows where our next international records will come from? 

DJ at St Peter's Pool, Deerness, Orkney on 1st May, 2013. Colin Corse.

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