Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Changing of the guard....

Signs of the changing seasons have been evident in Dublin Bay over the past few weeks, even if we had to wait a bit longer for the corresponding change in temperature! The wader numbers continue to fall, as most head off to breed in more northerly areas, and the terns are starting to arrive to take their place.

Despite the decreasing numbers, re-sightings of the marked birds continue to come in. Seven colour-ringed birds were reported in a flock of about 100 at the north end of Sandymount Strand on the 19th April. Unfortunately, they were disturbed by dog and flew off before the inscriptions could be read, but the information is useful all the same. In the same area on the 25th April, four more inscriptions were read from a small foraging flock. Another one of our birds was seen on Dalkey Island on the 23rd April. It seemed to be paired to another bird and was apparently prospecting for a nest site. 

These reports bring us up to 160 re-sightings of 87 individual birds, which really is fantastic progress in such a short time! A sincere thanks to all those who are taking the time to put in some ring-reading effort to help us piece this story together.

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